Sunday, September 6, 2009

Absence makes the heart grow fonder;

or does it? wise words of Lucas Scott (hot name, i know). but how does absence makes the heart grow fonder? i think it does because from my own experience absence makes the heart fall out of love. but i guess if it is true love (if you believe it true love) then the absence will make the heart grow fonder. if it isnt then the absence wont make the heart grow fonder.
and whilst im still in my "love rules!" fase i'd just like to say that there are two sides to love just like there are two sides to a relationship; the girl side and the boy side.
girls always give and try to over exceed the boys expections so they are the ones feeling special and wanted, and the boys throw a good complement once and i while, tell you what you want to hear just so you take your pants off and then when they get what they want, the go back to being idiotic boys.
absence made my heart grow fonder... but when their heart didnt grow fonder, whats what really hurts.
but i still stay the same. i still believe the same and no way will i try and be or think different.

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