Sunday, September 13, 2009

Silly Boys- Lady Gaga.

Dont you just love people who lie to you? Or tell you things and do the opposite?
But the hardest and worst thing is how you find out about the lies.
And how afterwards you feel so stupid for believing them. Like if someone said that we will see what happens after the HSC, you believe that although it is currently over, it may be revisited. But when that person is having interests in someone else it truly makes you wonder;
1. Did they even care about me to begin with?
2. I obviously didnt mean anything to them for them to move on so quickly
3. Is he planning on coming back? And if he is, does he truly think that i wouldnt know anything?
Boys are clueless. Absolutely 100%. We always find out the truth, ALWAYS.
And nooooo way will i ever date someone who thinks i can be played or lied to.
Not going to happen, Never again.

It is marvelous to how our eyes can open. How blinded we are when in a relationship. We turn a blind eye to alot of things and when the relationship is over, your eyes open up to how stupid you were to ever let those things slide.

So i am loving single life. Now i can truly be happy and not worry about someone else for a change. I can truly be myself and have the fun i havent had in a very long time!!

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