Monday, September 21, 2009


its phoebes birthday today. and i love her alot. she asked my on saturday night to write a blog on her and name it "TTT" because we discovered something really funny to do with "TTT".
phebz is 16 today and i hope she gets her L's because i love when she is happy.
phoebz brings out the happiness in me, just like all my friends but when she is happy i know everything will be good. and did i mention i love her alot?
well i do. she even gave me half a honeycomb crunch biscuit! and its her birthday today!!
she is soo nice.

i am going on holidays tomorrow (making today monday with tori. i need a holiday to get away from all the crap that has gone on. i plan on coming back with a clear mind and awesome tan =)

have a great week guys, i plan on it =)

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