Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cant get enough

Of Mayday Parade. Seriously am wanting to marry a musican. Such a turn on lol.
Today i woke up at 12 to the sound of my sister and cousins banging on the door. If the didnt bang on that door i swear i would have slept until 3. I find sleeping in a waste of time, sometimes but i was in the mood to waste one day of holidays on sleeping.
Im so bored.
Like really bored.
Its unbelievable.
I want to go out, somewhere; anywhere.
Someone talk to me.. Call me... ANYTHING.
Cure my bored self.

Tomorrow i am going shoe shopping for the formal. I tried on my dress again today and loved it. The feel of the dress and everything. I love it.
Tune in tomorrow for another blog. Hopefully somethng exciting would have happened and my blogs will be worth the read

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