Saturday, November 14, 2009

summer and psychic abilities

the smell of aeroguard reminds me so much of summer. and so does the conducted aircon. i love the smell of summer and the feeling it has on me. i love it!
i think im psychic. well sort of. i can guess when things are going to happen. like just before i had a weird feeling i was going to get a myspace message, and surely enough i did, and from someone i would have never expected.
and i can also feel peoples presence in rooms that i am alone in. at night when im sleeping i feel like someone is in my room with me, like mum checking in or something. but no one, just me.
im not afraid because i think its my grams or my nanny or anyone close to me that isnt here anymore so it isnt frightening by any means.
so maybe i have some ability. i should have my own ghost whisperers!!

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