Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Tuesdays are very strange days of the week. they either go really fast or really slow and tuesdays are the days of the week that make sense. that plans for the weekend happen and are made and tuesdays are the days that we think how excited we are for the weekend.
I kind of like tuesdays.
and i kind of like "step up" by angelas dish =)
i decided last night before bed that i am no longer looking for this nice boy. i have decided that if its meant to be; if im meant to find this nice boy, it will happen. and that i have to step back for a minute and just relax, take it easy. i have to stop trying to fill the hole i have and enjoy everything. and if a nice boy comes along then saaa-weeeeet, if not then i am still lucky. lucky to have the friends and family i have been blessed with.
so there, no more sole searching from me... for now

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