Tuesday, December 1, 2009

30th November/ 1st December

Wow, what a night! The formal was absolutely unbelieveable. Nothing like i'd ever think it would be. In a way im glad my expectations weren't high because that would have been disapointing. The weather didnt really go the way i first hoped, and they say that rain on your wedding day is good luck, but what about your formal day? What luck does that bring you to future schooling years? Hopefully good as well.
I can safely say that i like my meat charcoal. The steak was bleeding red and deffinitily not a fan of medium/rare anymore. Everyone looked absolutely amazing and honestly i dont think there should be a "Belle Of The Ball" because everybody looked stunning.
Living on three hours sleep isnt usually good but it is with Kate, Jess, Phebz and Hanfan. My god, when you have Kate, there is never a dull moment to be had. Everything that comes out of her mouth is so hilarious that we would all cry with laughter!
But the sad thing is it's all over.... Year 10 is over. And i know year 12's and past year 12's will say that year 10 is nothing, well it was something to me.
Gosh, i really cant believe that months of planning one day can feel so empty the next.
I guess there is Christmas to look forward to.
Cameron is an amazing dancer, i must say (with or without music).
Vote for us in "So You Think We Can Dance" next year, because we both think we can =)
Formal photos will be up on both myspace and facebook within the next few days.

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