Saturday, December 26, 2009

hurt is what comes with relationships. it is a given that it may end in hurt.
but that is the risk you take. relationships are and come with risks and you cant change that. every relationship has risks and chances and complications etc, and sometimes that is the fun part. the beauty of love is the fear that you wont fall. when going into a relationship or thinking about wanting one is scary because you dont want the hurt they may come with it. but it is or can be all worth it. worth the upset because, yes there may be sadness but there are more good things than bad. its just the bad things are what we think of more.
the hurt is worth it, if that is what it ends in. you learn.
every relationship comes with good and bad and hurt and happiness; you just have to be willing to put up with the good and the bad and the hurt and happiness.
you cant have just the good and happiness and not the bad or the hurt. disagreements are good in relationships. its healthy. just dont take it to an extreme or go into it too far. take it on the chin and move on!
so dont go into a relationship thinking "hmm, i dont know; this could end badly" because chances are it will. but its all worth it! dont doubt, just do.
because by doing, your chances of failure become smaller. yes they still will be there but the chances of success are there too.

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