Monday, January 18, 2010

people have a major influnce in our lives, whether it be positive or negative. we are the peole we are today/have become today due to the people around us. they're influnces, opinions, personalities have had some part in the creation of our very own. people control our emotions and how we feel. when we feel failed or upset or happy or any emotion, it is usually the cause of somebody else.
this is good and bad. good because it is what has made us us and bad because of the way people make us feel/act/do negativelty.
but sometimes we have to think on our own and be our own person. although many people influnced who we are today, we need to be able to stand on our two feet, strongly and do what we need to do as people.
people have the power to make us feel, basically like shit. to make us feel like we have failed. it is up to us, the people who feel like this to turn the picture around and to tell ourselves that life gets better and that there are people who make us feel bad about ourselves, but there are also people who make us feel great and happy and alive too.
and it is these people that we need to keep closest.

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