Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Im feeling pretty content right now, which is unusual for me because i always will worry over the smallest and patheticness of things. Totally crushing over Kisschasy, Tegan and Sara, Vampire Weekend and falling back inlove with The Maine.
Im finally realising what i have ahead of me. The places to go and just everything.
Im 17 in less that two months, which scares me. 17 seems so much older than 16, even though its only one year, one plus 16. I am so excited for everything!
I am finally discovering who i am, and who i want to be, and it is totaly different than who/what i expected. The things i want in life are things i know will complete me and make me happy. I now know how i want my life to be and what i want to do with it.
So many changes are about to happen, more adventures to do with those that i love and by myself. More people to make happy and to make me happy. It is hard to express how good everything is going and going to be. How happy and fun and exciting everything is becoming.

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