Monday, February 22, 2010

Love is my favorite; favorite topic, favorite emotion, favorite thing in the whole wide world. And what makes it appealing to me is that love has soooo many different meanings and expressions and feelings and abilities.
Love is getting lost and being found. With love, you dont need words. Love makes you cry tears without knowing why. Love has the power to create madness. The best way to show somebody you treally care about them is through love. You dont need fancy clothes or gorgeous jewlery or fast cars to express love. Love has no limits or expectations. With love you just know. There is no manual or instruction booklet. The difference to loving someone and to be loved is huge, because you can love someone and not get love back. To love and to be loved, and to give love and to recieve love. Love has no deffinition but means everything.
Love is phone calls just to say "hey" and the feeling you get when you have just layed eyes on the most beautiful, most amazing person to have walked this Earth.
Love is thinking "WOW!". Love is talking on the phone until your eye lids take over and falling asleep feeling so lucky, so content. Love is "how did i get here and get here with you?". Love is the constant butterflies and smiles when you think of her/him. Love is missing them every moment of everyday. Love is the most beautiful thing to ever experience.
Love is and means everything to me.

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