Monday, June 7, 2010

You truly 'get' me, understand, accept and believe in me like no one else does. I trust you more than all others and love the Gemini in you. I am convinced that you have a big book that has all the cute and romantic things that girls love to hear. Its either that or you just have a natural way with words. I live for it, i love it and i certainly can't get enough of all the things you say to me. It makes me feel so unique and special and loved but most importantly wanted; i love to feel like im wanted. But it scares me that you know that and it scares me how you are so clever with words. I dont want you to get into a rut with your words because the originality of your words is something i live for. Its allowed to say it all if you mean it all. Dont say if the intentions arent true. But i know your deepest thought and intentions and they are all honest and true. I love how i am so in love with you.

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