Saturday, June 19, 2010

Memories from my childhood;
*Age 2, ate a magnet and was rushed to hospital, only for it to 'pass' through my body.
*Age 2, drove down the drive way; cleverly escaped from my baby seat, climbed to the drivers seat and knocked the handbreak.
*Age 4, told my preschool teacher my new baby sisters name was 'Ariel' and they believed me. I loved 'The Little Mermaide'!
*Age 4, hiding in the boot of mums car because i didnt want her to go to work.
*Age 5, called 000 on pop because i had to go to bed.
*Age 6, Seals Rocks; put edyn up 'for sale'.
*Age 7, ate my boogers and got in trouble from Mrs. Elbourne.

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