Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Year 11 hits you like a tonne of bricks. Some people may find it an easy adjustment while others, much like myself, find it a real struggle to keep up with the demands of each subject. When exams come around, dont wait to the last minute. Plan and prepare as soon as you get the nofitication for the exam or assignment. If you struggle, talk to you teacher for extra help. But if youre like me and hate asking for help, then you will stress and panic and pretty much fail.
With so much running through my head for this stupid English essay, it is really hard to start. What do i talk about? For how long do i talk about "it" (whatever "it" may be) for? Should i write the essay or dot point what i would say? It is a real overload. And thinking about if i should talk about the cinematic techniques distracts me from what i should write on the themes and ideas. And whilst worrying about the themes and ideas, i have seriously forgotten what the values of each text are.
Why be writting this if i am so underprepared and stressed out to the max?? Since i look cool, calm and collected on the outside?? Im basically just writting down what is in my head; my messed up, confused, exhausted head. Changing topic and ideas mid sentence and trying to destress myself.
But then again i guess i brought it upon myself. I dont really have anyone else to blame but myself. And blaming myself seems alot easier then finding someone else to blame.
I dont know, i really dont.

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