Wednesday, July 29, 2009

virgin blogger

Hello, Im Tayla and i am a virgin blogger.
This would have to be my first blog and i am very excited as i love raving on about anything and everything, so i think i will fit in here very well =)
My mind runs wild with so many ideas and dreams and feelings.
I have two amazing best friends, Tori and Beth, and many amazing close friends also.
I love the freedom of having my L's, with "freedom" being understated.
Mum sits next to me, trying to understand teenagers. I have to say, she is doing extremely well.
Weekends are spend lounging around. I NEED to escape, a holiday is cemented on my mind. I wouldnt mind if somebody turned up on my door step, with a map and loads of petrol.
My puppy bronson just licked my face. Ewwww and cute haha.
I truly want to travel more than anything and have the experience of the cultures. I want photo albums filed with photos of everything. I love spontaneous and am trying to be spontaneous myself.
Anyway, thats the introduction. I look forward to future blogs =)

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