Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Realist and Idealist

I am an idealist... (95% of the time)
I love the idea of how our thoughts take us to beautiful places and how we can dream of the perfect world that we have in our minds. I love the happiness that fills me when i think of the future, the positive events that i hope will happen.
A world so perfect it cannot be true. But yet, i still believe.
And realists are science people, statistical people who know that the world was created by matter, not God, that there is an answer for absolutely everything.
We can never be a realist or an idealist because in some cases their paths will cross.
I think that there is no harm what-so-ever in believing. I believe in forever, i believe that science is wrong sometimes.
There is no harm in believing in what we want. Whatever makes us happy should be the only thing that matters, regardless of the "real" result.
I have nothing against realists.
We are all entitled to our own opinions.
But sometimes it is good to think what we want.

Freedom of free thinking.

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