Monday, August 17, 2009

Hello Monday

this week is going to be really hard. assignments are due, working a little on the weekend. and it may not sound hard to you guys, but it is going to be one of the hardest for me. it isnt the assignments are working, it will be the realtiy i will face, the truth i dont want to hear, the honesty i so desperately wanted; now i dont.
but with honesty comes truth and reality and so be it if pain comes as well. we all make it through our lives with tiny fears, but also with the knowledge that there are some people out there in worser situations then ourselves.
we can only hope, pray, wish that things turn out for the best, certain things will change for the better and worries will be put to rest.
but it is all about staying calm, breathing and relaxing.
i am confident that things will work out. i am being and thinking positive and i have had a great day today by doing so...
i have realised some things are looked at too deeply, but we only look to far into things if we notice things are changing, arent the same.
we are to scared to pry, so we worry.
if only people were honest and straight up to begin with, none of this would have happend and escalated to point when it's "shit, do i call, do i bother them, are they thinking about me, have i done something wrong, can i fix it".
how feelings can change so quickly. it is unbelievable. how emotions you never thought you had can be found; unbelievble.

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