Sunday, August 16, 2009

Top Five

1. Lullaby- The Spill Canvas
2. Collide- Howie Day
3. Drive Away- The Sundance Kids
4. Dusk And Summer- Dashboard Confessionals.
5. Heartbeats- The Knife.

1. Dirty Dancing
2. Transformers
3. Fragile
4. Ghost
5. Twilight

1. One Mile Beach
2. Manning Point
3. Melbourne
4. China Town, Sydney
5. Morpeth

Yes guys, i've been super slack in the "blogging" department.
I look forward to the week ahead and hopefully things will get back to normal...
I really want something sponaneous to happen. And i really am craving a passionmango boost. It is really unbelievable how much i am craving one. Im suprised in myself. Ha! Well i have 6 or so assignments for school and i have them allk under control.
Seriously going to injure the next person to ask me if im scared about the SC and how, if i am, shouldnt be. But i guess it is a stupid convosation starter.
There is no milk for me to have cocopops and im really upset with mum for that reason. Well, hello one vegemite toast and one nutella toast with orange juice!!
(Currently on my mind) I want a holiday. Take me somewhere please!!

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