Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hello Wednesday

Hannah and i created a technique for de-stressing ourselves.
we'd write down are feelings at the time on piece of paper, or a letter to the person we were upset with and then have much enjoyment ripping the paper into tiny winy pieces.
i have to say i felt much better.
im so over everything at the moment. i cannot wait for the next few weeks to be over red rover.
i get home from school, watch Will And Grace, One Tree Hill or Dawsons Creek until i fall asleep. (yes of course i shower and eat).
Im in such a rut at the momemt and im dying to get out of it.
I love hearing about "Love Stuff". it makes me happy to hear that other people are happy with eachother.

im currently waiting, wanting, wishing; for something sponaneous to happen.

Ohh and Phoebe got a job interview with india!! me in china and her in india our food selections at lunch are going to be a hit!

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