Monday, August 10, 2009

"i was constructed for you..."

"I was constructed for you and you were molded for me".
My favorite lyric from Lullaby, The Spill Canvas.
That song makes me think of the beauty that can come out of relationships.
Love it! Love it! Love it!

Phoebe says my blogs are boring but she cant stop reading them.
I love it when phoebe complements me because she is the most honest person i know and i love that! Honesty is the best key.
I say the best key is one that allows me to enter my house HAHAHAHA, im soo funny.
Im glad it's a monday. Mondays to me (well like everyone else) mean a new begining to the week. But for me it means that i can forget the torture from last week and be happy for the week ahead.

I have realised that life is way too important to be wasted.
Only surround yourself with people that will make you cry with laughter, crack super lame jokes that you just love and people who you respect and love because they will respect and love you back.

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