Monday, August 31, 2009

Make you happy.

"and i hope this makes you happy now
that the flame we had is burning out
and i hope you like your pictures facing down
as even broken hearts may have their doubts"

it can be really hard to try and let go of someone who ment the world to you.
but it's a tiny bit better once you know you didnt mean the world to them.
but i can tell you, it is still so hard.
i cant sleep, i dont feel like eating and i keep looking at my phone for something, anything. but nothing. i am getting the message crystal clear.
this afternoon i went for a run (and believe me, i ran). i tried to run away, not from home but from myself. from my thoughts and from my mind. from my feelings and from my emotions. but it didnt work.
i realised today that running can make you feel better. today i ran out all my anger. i ran to let it all out because im sick of tears.
no person deserves my tears.

i treat others how i want to be treated. i treat others with the respect, love and honesty i thought i'd get back. but nothing. i spoil people in hope i would be spoiled back. i loved people in hope i'd be loved back.

you can never stop loving someone (although some people will disagree). and if you truly do love someone, that love is endless. there is no time frame.
there is no difference between being in-love and loving.
people who are in love know that.
people who arent, are kidding themselves.

1 comment:

  1. this post literally made me cry.
    i hate seeing you sad tayla jade.
    i love you so much.
    'everything'll be okay, everything'll be alright.
    everything'll get better.'