Monday, October 26, 2009

going fishing!

How come there seem to be no decent guys out there?
How come guys think it's okay to play girls and mess them around? And by girls i mean decent good girls that in every way would make a perfect girlfriend? And most importantly, do guys think that they can get away with it?
I'm not liking how disppointing romantic relationships are becoming. Not just for me but for 99% of people who i've been talking to. And the decent guys out there get messed around by skanky, chlamydia infested girls.
The universe is soo imbalanced. I get so upset when girls tell me of their unfortunate encounters and experience with dickhead guys and how they mess girls around so bad.

Most guys have soo much confidence in getting girls that when they "have" the girl, they forget how to keep her around. And half the time, why they wanted her in the first place.
They want to be appreciated and loved. They want to be told cute things and be held really tight. They want to be the little spoon and be commented on how beautiful they look or how their hair smells nice.
But over all, girls just want to be wanted. That's it really.

I'm going fishing, so the saying goes and i hope i catch a good one!

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