Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Roller Coaster.

It is extremely obvious that relationships are no smooth sail. They are completely the opposite. How do relationships jsut stop? How do you fall out of love with somebody who you once cared deeply fall? Where does it all start to go wrong?
There are so many questions to the topic of love and no answer sheets are ever handed out.

I see love as such a beautiful and amazing feeling to ever experience. It's all about risks and excitement and going with your heart instead of your head!

I see past the outter beauty; the mask and into the depth of inner beauty, the true person on the inside. When love comes around (and it does take time to go from "like" to "love") it's something you never want to leave.
And sometimes sadly, it does.

Somewhere along the line, some chemical reaction goes off in (whomever is the heartbreaker; boy or girl) their head and they just "decide" that enough is enough.
But i think that if you truly love someone, the "real deal" of love, and if you truly care for them then there is no reason to go your seperate ways.
No distance, no fight, no nothing is worth it is you really do love and care for him/her.

Its a roller coaster we will all experience; and i'd rather ride the roller coaster of ups and downs, love and loss and experience, to have never ridden at all.

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