Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Miss You

I hate being away from dad for so long. I havent seem him in, what would be, months now (due to him being away with work) and i miss the tight squeezes and sloppy kisses he would give me. I miss how he would let me do my own thing and understand why i loved my space; being in my room with my music on loud, when even i dont. I miss how we would call eachother gay names like "pumpkin" and "scumpican". And i miss how when he would be getting ready for work, and he had to wear, what looked like a black, tight body suit, and do this overly hilarious ninja dance and prance around the house like a spy.
There is no telling on when he will be home. Could be tomorrow, could be in two months time. Yes, there is skype and the phone but it isnt the same. Dad understands a part of me that no one else does. He is so quiet and will never say anything that isnt relivent to the conversation. The silence dad brings is the best noise in the world.
He is critical on my driving and beknowns to him how i will ever get my P's.
And the smile he presents on his face when a thought or idea arises in his head.
I love that smile.
I love that squeezy hug and sloppy kisses.
I love my dad.

I miss my dad and i'm not afraid to say so.

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