Wednesday, October 21, 2009

no title for this blog

for the simple fact i cant think of one. so i guess that "no tile for this blg" is the title. i'm going to lol to that (hah). i'm getting sick. not snotty nose or watery eyes sick but sore throat and chest sick. i hope he worst if over before the weekend PLEASE GOD! i hate being sick, for the fact i rarely am sick. and when i do get sick, i become bed ridden which isnt good except for chicken and corn soup and movies that i've seen about 20 times over. other than that there isnt a real upside in being sick. no one wants to see or visit you in fair of becoming sick themselves. so being sick can be lonely. and i hate being lonely, like really hate it.
i told tam before that i can smell popcorn and it smells gross. i like popcorn but this popcorn must be original because it smells ick.
15 days of school left guys!
let the games begin!!

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