Friday, November 6, 2009

if it means alot to you.

Im sitting in the hotel room in my skinny jeans, an over sized light blue jumper and under that; a white singlet. My feet are a little cold since the window is open and its freezing. Mum, dad and edyn are sleeping and ty and bree are down at pizza hut. Ty and Bree are really cute together and sometimes a jealous because i want what they have.
So basically im alone in the room, listening to 'if it means alot to you' by a Day To Remember and im thinking. I hate being alone because whenever i am, i think about alot of things that i dont want to think about. I dont like thinking about 'him' or the fact i am really alone, or how this songs makes me think of guy misses girl and girl misses guy and in the end, they are together and happy. I am happy, honeslty. But somewhere there is a hole that needs filling. Somewhere thhere is this empty spot that shouldnt be empty. So here i am; alone in my skinny jeans and an oversized jumper with cold feet, listening to 'it it means alot to you' by a day to remember, thinking about things i shouldnt be thinking about because it doesnt make me the happiest i could be. I am ha

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