Thursday, November 5, 2009

polygraphy, right now!

Do guys know what their intentions are with girls? And in some cases, vice versa. Do they know the effect particular words have on the good, nice girls? How much those words mean to us? Sometimes i think not. Sometimes i think guys subconciously they know that if they say certain things, they will get the girl. What they dont realise is that not only to they get the girl, they get her with high hopes; false high hopes. Subcounciously, guys know what the right thing to say is. But do they actually want the girl or are they looking for some fun; time fillers. It's like a game and guys are best players. And sometimes certain skanky, sex crazed girls like to play too, but they play the good decent guys that the nice girls dream of. This universe is so unbalanced. Good girls need good guys and the others can just go and screw eachother over.
Girls are the game that boys love to play.

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