Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Truth Behind A Drunk.

Okay, so im sure we have all experenced a drunken phone call or seven before and speech is a tad slurred and the person on the other end of reciever talks and says things that im sure they arent supposed to say. But do you believe what people tell you when they are drunk? Do they remember it the next day and think "Shit, shouldnt have said that", or do they not remember at all?
I used to be one of the people who believed drunk people because i dont think they have they brain power to lie. Mastering a lie takes effort, and when you're drunk you dont really have that skill because your mind is everywhere else. As i said, i used to be the person to believe drunks, but now im not so sure... Even though you are the sober person; the one who has idea of what's going on and the one with the straight head on (i personally love being the sober person because i sometimes find it hilarious to hear what comes out of the drunks mouth) you wonder if they are saying what they are thinking/feeling or are they just saying because... Well just because.
Daniel and Julius told me last night from a guys perspective and guys who have been drunk, that they do tell the truth because it cant be controlled what they are saying or thinking.
So are guy drunks different to girl drunks?
Yes and no. I think girls definitely tell the truth, but some girls cant control their behavior. Who knows with guys, but they do control their behavior, but do they control what they say?
Sometimes we wish what they say are true.
Sometimes we wish they'd remember.
Sometimes we wish.

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