Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Even in the presence of people, i used to feel some sort of emptiness; that something was missing. I would have all these ideas in my head of what to do right next time and what not to let happen again.
I used to feel stuck; like i'd never get rid of this emptiness.
I can't express how quickly that can change; one minute your cup is so empty that you feel as if it will never be full,then the next it is over-flowing with every emotion possible... And it feels good,to be in the presence of people, and to feel full?
It is the most amazing, mindblowing, loving, sensational feeling that they havent made a word for yet. And to find somebody who is beyond your highest dreams, who actually loves you back, to have everything you could ever ask for in a person and to know that you are with somebody like that, is truly something you dont want disapearing.

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