Thursday, March 4, 2010

Today when i was googling an article for my CFS assignment, i came across something really disturbing; websites that actually help people become, not thin, but anorexic. Anorexia nervosa is becoming lifestyle choice rather than an eating disorder. Having once been through something like this myself and watching one of my favorite people in the world go through it too, i can understand the presures of girls wantings to be "thin" and "beautiful". But starving yourself is not the way. And to find out that there are people in the world promoting Anorexia as a lifestyle choice; makes me sooo sick and disapointed. I cannot stress enough how strongly i feel about this. There are really really ill people out there who are going though this as a disease and then there are peole who chose it?
THIS IS A DISEASE YOU CAN DIE FROM AND YOU ARE CHOSING TO DO SO? This disease is a killer. There is no such thing as FAT. And, one of the most common reasons for teen weight loss is for somebody else; if you are loosing weight because of a guy then you are just unbelievably stupid. Most guys like curves in the right spots. Guys dont like skin and bones!!
There is nothing wrong with healthy eating and exercising, but doing it deliberately for the soul purpose to being thin (not Healthy but thin) is ridiculous.
Those people out there that are creating websites to help these obviously sick people suffering from Anorexia should seriously be arrested as they are participating in the death of soooooo many people. They call it "Pro Ana", how to become "Pro" and being anorexic.
Please dont feel guilty for eating a piece of cake or an extra biscuit because it will do nothing to your figure.
You are all beautiful and should be told so everyday!

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